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Our Services

We provide Hardware and Software Development and Testing Services.

» Board and PCB Design
» IC and FPGA Design
» Embedded Software
» Application Software
» Independent Test and Compliance

About Innovaide

The word “Innovaide” is created from “INNOVation” and “AIDE” and this very well summarizes the intention and mission of the company —

Your Partner in Innovation

Why choose Innovaide?

Clients are looking to create performance driven partnerships to complement their internal design teams. This is a value addition that goes beyond cost reduction and flexible business models. At Innovaide, the focus is on global sourcing of the best technologies and know-how, along with a fresh perspective, to help create a differentiated and more competitive product.

Industries We Serve

We have expertise in Cloud and Storage, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Networking and Telecom, and Semiconductor industries. Our IPs and Solutions complement our services to ensure a fast Time-To-Market

Sharing Insights

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Product Engineering:

 1. Cost Reduction – a factor that influences outsourcing decision the most – obviously because it shows benefits to the CFO in language she understands well! But key here is to highlight indirect along with the direct cost benefits...Read more..