About Innovaide


Corporate Overview

Since 2005, Innovaide has been providing Product Engineering Services for Hardware and Software Design and Testing.

At Innovaide, our focus is on local sourcing of best talent and know-how, and a fresh perspective, to help achieve fast time-to-market while keeping costs low but quality high.


The word “Innovaide” is created from “INNOVation” and “AIDE” and this very well summarizes the mission of the company – Your Partner in Innovation

To achieve this, we focus on applying our creative energy in understanding the design problem and creating a custom solution that may involve redesign of the design process itself.

Innovation and Performance

We believe in creating performance based partnership with our clients. A typical client partnership engagement is as follows:
1. understand and create product goals
2. evaluate technologies required (customer, Innovaide, and third party) to achieve the goals
3. customize methodology to design the product
4. customize methodology to validate the prototype
5. create methodology to migrate prototype to volume manufacturing
6. create a custom life cycle support for the product and end users

Quality demands disciplined Execution

Innovation without disciplined execution is worthless. At Innovaide we have established processes and methodologies for various design tasks to ensure that the execution of our design process results in predictable outcome.

The key elements of our Quality policy are Process, Technology, People and Training.

Local USA Support – Global Perspective

The company has offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We leverage our local talent to provide expertise and learn from global best practices to provide most effective solutions for our customers.