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DDR3/4 Verification IP

DDR3 Verification and Compliance checking leveraging UVM methodology

SenseNet Classifier And Forwarding Engine

Sensenet Content

Carrier Class Traffic Management (10Gbps In Silicon)

Carrier Class Traffic Management

IC IP & Solutions

DDR3/4 Verification IP

– Flexible solution that can be used in SoC, ASIC or FPGA simulations
– Supports full timing models or bus functional models
– Compliant with JEDEC DDR3 standard JESD79-3C
– UVM Compliant
– Integrates easily with any verification environment
– System Verilog features like constrained random testing
1pdf DDR3 Verification IP Datasheet

SenseNet Classifier and Forwarding Engine

– Flexible classification methods based on 802.1Q, MAC Addresses, Q in Q , MAC in MAC encapsulations & Combinations (like VLAN ID& MAC)
– 5-tuple based flow processing and classification
– MPLS L2 tunnels & Labels
– Support for OAM Ethernet PDUs
– ACLs based on L2-L4 headers
– Service Level Virtualization
– 10 – 40 Gigabit/sec full duplex switching and forwarding capacity
– Line Rate Forwarding for 64 byte packets
– Verilog Design and verification environment
– APIs and Drivers
1pdf Classifier and Forwarding Engine Datasheet

Carrier Class Traffic Management (10Gbps in Silicon)

– Includes Programmable Classifier, Scalable Forwarding Engine and Traffic Manager
– True traffic shaping with credit based schedulers
– Flexible allocation of priority queues to customers – SP, WFQ or GBR/MBR
– Maintain fairness/priority and SLAs per service in network congestion and oversubscription
– Per flow rate guarantee and shaping
– Identify and protect the network from bandwidth abusers
1pdf Traffic Manager Datasheet


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