Innovaide’s IPs and Solutions are designed to reduce the overall development time for our clients’ product development projects.

Embedded Systems Diagnostics IP

Embedded Systems Diagnostic Power-On Self-Test IP


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Embedded Systems Diagnostics IP

– Chip Level Testing of all board level components
– System Level Testing
– Performance and Verification Testing
– Design Debug and Verification.
– Manufacturing Debug and Testing
1pdf Embedded System Diagnostics IP Datasheet

Embedded Systems Diagnostic Power-On Self-Test IP

– All of the hardware components are tested before begin used during the boot process
– The Boot ROM or the Boot Flash
– The SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 memories used by boot process
– The communication devices used in the boot: Serial Controller, Ethernet PHY, etc.
– The major components such as the CPLD, FPGA, which are used during boot up.
1pdf Embedded System Diagnostic POST IP Datasheet


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